Dec 31, 2013

D225&6: Making do and doing

If only there was a day created for every idea.

I need new clothes.  I don't like shopping.  It's hard to shop with a little person because your thoughts are often interrupted.  Worst still, if you're sleep deprived, you tend to make odd decisions sometimes.

Today, for instance, I had the presence of mind to return a transparent top to Target during the sales.  But I didn't try on either of my replacement purchases.  Why?  Because it's awkward with Bub in tow, but I should've done it anyway.  When I did get a quiet moment at home I tried on this tunic and remembered how coat hangers lie...

Was I going to return this one too? Nope. How likely was I to wear this? Not very.  It's problem for me was the waist, which was cinched with an inch wide elastic and, for someone who isn't particularly tall, it just made me feel shorter, and dumpy.  It slipped to my natural waist, creating this vague ballooning around my ribs, but adding no shape or anything.  (Why Target? Why?)

And then it occurred to me! I can remove the elastic! A quick check to make sure it was attached at the side seams, and off I went.  The worst that could happen? I'd wear it less than I otherwise would and it goes to the charity bin in very good nick.  First world problems.

Clockwise: inside snip made near pocket top, elastic drawn out; as much elastic pulled out as possible towards one side seam; snipped; elastic pulled through as much as possible, scrunching the fabric to the other sideseam, and snipped; a pin marking the amount of elastic remaining.

My plan from now on is to pick something I can turf for each thing I buy.  Further to that, there're some things I don't wear very often and I'm going to try updating them so they can go another round.  It can only improve my skills, at the least, and I promise I won't put them in the charity bin in a unwearable state ;)

And then there are all the THINGS!! This quilt! The bag I want to make my mum for her birthday! The quilt I need to finish! The other one I want to start! The unfinished activity board that's fast becoming useless! Ugh! Where are all the days??!!

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