Dec 5, 2013

D214: Sad face

The first three squares sewn up,
and all are slightly crooked.
I really do want a new machine.

This makes me sad becuase I love my Bernina 807 minimatic.  It has lovely design lines, it has history, it has tenacity.  My mother bought it second hand from the high school, who'd gotten it second hand too.  It's a fourth-hand machine.  It's been good to all of us.  I hope it is good to Bub in the future too, should she want it. To me, it has gravity.

But it is loud and heavy (that's about 10kgs of the gravity).  It has only six stitches, which have served me well for a long time and I've sort of prided myself on that.  But a scalloped stitch on a hem for Bub would be nice. 
And now I'm quite sure that the foot and the feed dog aren't working together.  It may be that a service could right that problem, that there are gears or a belt worn enough to slow something down, but when I put it all together...

I want a new machine  :(

On the other hand, I now have a preferred Christmas gift...    ৻՜:)

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