Jan 20, 2014

The drought

I've done close to nothing this week, for two not very good reasons.

The first is the heatwave we've had in Melbourne.  Four days over 40°C in a row, preceded by some almost as hot days kinda beat the house into submission.  Mornings were spent going to sensibly cool places like the toy store (a new train set to abate the boredom), the supermarket (who doesn't love going down the up-escalator?) and appointments.  We even ventured Bub's first zoo visit early Monday morning.

BERNINA 350 PE: The quilting modelThe other reason is shopping. 
I've currently got two, almost three, sewing machines on my radar and I've been researching and comparing them in the time I would normally spend using them.

I've finding it hard to choose between the Bernina 350 PE and the Brother NV-400
The first is around double the price of the second, but with a 10-year warranty (10 or 2 times more than the other). 
The Brother has more stitches to choose from, but there are a lot I'm unlikely to use.  It does have three alphabets, rather than Bernina's two.
But the Bernina is so robust, and strong.  You can see how one could spend a lot of time on this choice.

And then my sister said "Have you considered Husqvarna?..."  So now the Opal 650 has taken my eye.  It's price is helpfully between the other two.

Anyone got any solid advice out there?  


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