Sep 15, 2013

D165 & 166: Sashes!

I'm making some curtain tie backs, which I'm calling sashes, for my MIL.  It's with the fabric left over from some cushion covers and will be used on two baywindow curtains and one larger curtain.
These are a work in progress from my own pattern.

So far, I've made a shape that works for both the shorter curtains and the long one, cut out and joined the fabric and cut out the calico backing.

I wanted the pattern to be the right way up, which was tricky with the way the remaining fabric was shaped.  To avoid any upside-down birds, this required making the sash into a front and back rather than cutting on the fold.  So there's a seam in the middle, which will hopefully be rather unremarkable, and I'm hoping it adds to the strength of the sash and helps to keep its shape.  

I considered interfacing but once that creases (which is not unlikely) or comes away it's not very helpful at all.  I also didn't want to do any quilting, so didn't use any batting.

I plan to work the loops from the top edge of the sash so that the upper edge takes all the weight.  Hopefully this will keep it from bunching up while it's holding the curtain.

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