Aug 28, 2013

D153-54: String Bag - A Modern Trawler Haul

We suddenly have a lot of bath toys for Bub and it occurred to me that I also have a lot of crochet cotton - string bag ahoy!

Not a single fish in that catch!

I used the pattern from Erika Knight's Simple Crochet and it took me a bit under two evenings.  I used a contrast colour on the last row of the handles so they're easy to find and grab.

In hindsight though, I was a bit gung-ho and should've waited till I could get some plastic or nylon kitchen string like the pattern asks.  As it's cotton, I'm not keen on leaving the cotton bag hanging from the bath taps, like I'd prefer, coz it would never dry (especially since our baths has a permanent puddle) and would probably rot*.  Ew.

In the meantime, the bath toys are tidied away with by a project that was totally do-able and quick.  Hurrah!

*Really, I'll be replacing this because it has rotted.  Who am I kidding.

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