Aug 11, 2013

D144: Nailed it.

Pretty much...  well, enough for me.

Only took 3 hours!

This is Royal Icing from CTAW.  It was quick to beat the egg white to a peak but slow to add the icing sugar while sifting.  Next time, sift first.  I had to add a few teaspoons of water to get it soft enough to go through the icing syringe.  By the time I'd done the last colour the first colour was pretty much set.  I'll leave them to set as long as I can though. 

I used Queen food colours, which are drops and not gels, and dry slightly darker than this.  I'm wondering about visiting Spotlight again and having a proper look at their icing options, maybe trying for stronger colour set.  It's all rather new to me - hopefully I'll be quicker as I get more experienced.

Perchance to dream... I'd like to do a set of each in a gift bag for the kids coming to the party.  Leftovers and 1s could go to adults... 

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