Apr 14, 2013

D88: Hostessing

I hosted my Bookclub today*. My Sunday plans included adding madeleines and maybe a tea cake or little apple tea cakes to the sweets, plus some cucumber and some ham sandwiches. And then, sad face, two of my five guests pulled out this morning, both home for illnesses, and I decided I had more than enough food already.

Bub and I nicked up the street for some fresh bread, ham and cucumber anyway, so that there were at least some savouries on offer, and we brought back some strawberries too. Even after sending home goodies for partners and missing folk, we've still got some slice, a fifth of the brownies and a small cookie jar of goodies left.

I did not, unfortunately, offload any of my many lactation cookies... Hopefully Hub will help knock them off soon. They're pretty good, but I'm finding the flaxseed meal leaves an aftertaste I don't much enjoy. Luckily he doesn't notice it much.

So, after much ado with tea cups, saucers and whatnot, I still didn't get a shot of the whole shebang. I was sad to miss out on the company of those who couldn't come, but it was lovely to see those who could. Tomorrow is the beginning of term 2 here, so the arvo was a bit of a last hurrah for a few teacher-folk.

In what should be a good thing, the place is clear of all projects: they're all put away, out of sight, so we could seat our guests. Normally this would be awful and torturous. But I'm hoping that if I only pull out, and complete (key step), one project at a time I'll be just as productive and less distracted. #surelycannotfail

*Our book, btw, was The one-hundred-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. Even with such a thorough title, turns out there was more to say. But then this isn't a book review blogs so I'll leave it there.

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