Apr 6, 2013

D81: Okaaaaay...

I did take a proper break there... But it wasn't a complete desert!

I completed the Peek-a-boo fabric book with top stitching the edges and tacking the spine.

Tacking and top stitching

I tried out blending two recipes together - or at least the flavours of one with the structure of another. It isn't quite right yet - hopefully I'll nut it out this week.

My Caramel Choc Chip Cookies... a work in progress.  More later.

Gluten-free version of my Caramel Choc Chip cookie trials.

And Bub shall be trying a few new flavours too. 
The apple, pear & banana may be used to temper the sourness of the apple, pear & plum puree of the other week.  It's very tasty, however sometimes Bub hits a sour patch (one time she literally smacked the table) which is hilarious but seems a little unfair.
The Peaches puree has white and yellow peach.  I'm a little curious how blending the two will taste. Hopefully yum!

Pear, Apple & Banana at the top, Peaches at the bottom.

AND I painted a cupboard for my in-laws.

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